Living Green in the Suburbs

Living green in the suburbs is gaining interest from all over the US. Today, 8 of every 10 Americans live in the suburbs. Suburbs are areas within a metropolitan area that are primarily residential. They are not as densely populated as the inner city and are generally a separate political entity of the city. In many suburban areas, a car is required to get around the area and enter the main city or downtown core. In America, the suburbs are responsible for 50% of carbon emissions due to car dependence.

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Sustainable Housing that can be Recycled

Building a house from the ground up can be environmentally damaging. Buildings have a significant carbon footprint, with over 41% of global energy consumption attributed to buildings and structures. Buildings and materials also produce dangerous emissions that pollute our air, and the construction industry alone generates more than 170 tons of debris annually. There is also the issue of landfill waste, excessive use of water and noise pollution caused by the construction of buildings and houses.

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Apple officially endorses California's Climate Corporate Data Accountability Act

Apple has announced its official support for California's SB 253, a bill that mandates companies earning over $1 billion annually to disclose detailed information relating to greenhouse gas emissions.
SB 253 would require all large U.S.-based corporations doing business in California that make over $1 billion annually to publicly disclose their full carbon footprint in an easily understandable and available way. Senator Scott Wiener introduced the bill.

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