Center for Bioenergy Innovation

The Center for Bioenergy Innovation (CBI) vision is to accelerate domestication of bioenergy-relevant plants and microbes to enable high-impact, value-added, co-product development at multiple points in the bioenergy supply chain.

CBI has identified research targets for a thriving bioeconomy:

  • Sustainable biomass feedstock crops using plant genomics and engineering.
  • Advanced processes to simultaneously break down and convert plants into specialty biofuels.
  • Valuable bioproducts, including chemical feedstocks, made from the lignin residue remaining after bioprocessing.

CBI will pursue a host of new technologies to alleviate critical cost barriers to sustainable, economically viable production of bio-based products and advanced biofuels. The center will focus on creating robust, high-yielding feedstock plants using genetic technology and bioengineering. CBI will create methods for high-yield production of advanced biofuels that can be blended with existing transportation fuels. Researchers will also study ways to develop valuable byproducts from lignin left over after biomass processing.

The CBI team is positioned to develop breakthrough technologies and scientific advances by uniting a team of senior science leaders with a proven desire and ability to accomplish challenging goals specifically targeted to barriers facing the emerging bioeconomy.

CBI is one of four Biological and Environmental Research (BER) Centers within the Department of Energy’s Office of Science created to expand on the foundational successes of former bioenergy research centers and to lay the scientific groundwork for a new robust, biobased economy.

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