ORNL study shows benefits of mid-level ethanol blends

"Oak Ridge National Laboratory has published a study on mid-level ethanol blends that has determined high-octane fuels (HOF), specifically ethanol blends of E25 to E40, could offer significant benefits to the U.S., including improved vehicle fuel efficiency in vehicles designed to use increased octane."

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Study shows trees with altered lignin are better for biofuels

"Lignin is a natural component of plant cell walls, the scaffolding that surrounds each cell and plays a pivotal role in plants' ability to grow against gravity and reach heights ranging from stubbly grasses to the sky-scraping splendor of redwoods. But lignin is a problem for scientists interested in converting plant biomass to biofuels and other sustainable bio-based products. Lignin makes it hard to break down the plant matter so its carbon-rich building blocks can be converted into forms suitable for generating energy or running automobiles."

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