Is plant-based meat more sustainable? Experts question the data

Sustainability is at the root of Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat’s marketing strategy, with the plant-based meat giants claiming their products are better for the planet than traditional meat. But their proof for these claims are increasingly coming under question from investors and scientists over a lack of independent data and a failure to consider the emissions associated with sourcing soy and other commodities used in plant-based burgers.

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EPA to again allow summer E15

As expected, the EPA issued an emergency waiver allowing nationwide E15 sales again this summer. In an April 19 letter to state governors announcing the decision, EPA Administrator Michael Regan says Russia’s war on Ukraine has profoundly impacted global and domestic energy markets for several years. He also cited conflicts in the Middle East that have disrupted shipping routes and crude oil supplies. Additionally, OPEC continues to cut oil production, further restricting global supply.

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How To Debunk Climate Change Myths

Climate change feels like a giant, looming storm cloud on the horizon. We should not be listening to climate change myths; news headlines scream about melting glaciers, rising sea levels, and scorching heat waves. But amidst the panic and confusion, another storm brews – one made of misinformation and doubt. Before tackling the storm called climate change, we need to clear the air on some common climate change myths that float around like tumbleweeds. Remember, critical thinking is your raincoat, and these tips for fact-checking climate change myths are your trusty umbrella in this weather!

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