Leg Overview

This leg focuses on the carbon cycle. The impact of human activity on the carbon cycle and the resulting consequences.  Operators should come away from leg two with a better understanding of carbon and the carbon cycles functions as it relates to life on Earth.

Key Themes:

  • carbon cycle
  • photosynthesis
  • climate change

Supplemental Activities:

  • Carbon Cycle Game: By rolling a die, students simulate a molecule of carbon’s movement throughout various locations within the carbon cycle.
  • Build a Leaf: Build a model of a leaf and a plant cell to illustrate how photosynthesis locks carbon into the leaf.
  • Releasing Dinosaur Breath in the Lab: Exploring the storage of carbon in the fossils that make up limestone and chalk
  • See How Plants Use CO2: Use Elodea leaf to demonstrates the uptake of carbon dioxide by plants
  • Computer game: Answer questions about the carbon cycle to advance around the board.
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