Various Types and Benefits of Biofuels

Biofuel is any kind of fuel that is directly derived from plant or animal matter, also known as biomass, and produces bioenergy. ‘Bio’ is used to depict the organic nature of this fuel source because it is not produced by a geological process like that of fossil fuels (petroleum and coal).

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The race to make diesel engines run on hydrogen

It's a new hydrogen-diesel hybrid engine affectionately known as "baby number two" that could help to decarbonise some of Australia's heaviest industries.

The test rig is large - it has its own room adjoining a lab and looks at first glance like many other large motors, but beneath its metallic skin could lie game-changing technology.

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This cool new approach to refrigeration could replace harmful chemicals

Scientists at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory have developed a novel potential means of alternative refrigeration: ionocaloric cooling. The method involves electrically charged atoms or molecules (ions) changing the melting point of a solid material, much like adding salt to roads before a winter storm changes how ice will form. Their proof-of-principle experiment used salt made with iodine and sodium along with an organic solvent to achieve energy-efficient cooling, according to a recent paper published in the journal Science.

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