Lesson 1
Grass Seed Germination and Plant Growth (Study)

Day 1 Student Procedure: 

1) Obtain materials for the group. 
2) Label the containers 1 – 10. 
3) Fill the containers with the same amount of soil. Each container can be completely filled with soil. When the soil is watered it will compact. 
4) Evenly place the 10 grass seeds on the soil. You do not need to bury the seeds. 
5) Place the containers in the growing area. 
6) Using a spray bottle or wash bottle, wet the soil thoroughly so that it is wet, but not so wet that it looks like a swamp (visible standing water). If there is too much water the seeds can rot.

Continuous Procedure: (Decide whether information will be recorded every day or 
every other day, or simply by the date. It is not necessary to record the information every 
day once the seeds have germinated.) 

1) Each day count the number of seeds that have germinated and calculate the percent germination in each container. Record the percent germination on the chart. 
2) Once a seed has germinated, the height should be recorded each day and recorded. (See Student Handout below for instructions on measuring and calculating data.) 
3) Each container should be watered as necessary. The soil should look and feel damp but not be swampy. As the plants grow, they will need more water. 
4) Continue this procedure until at least 5 data points are obtained.

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